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Welcome Note from Ibento Global
09:00 am
Opening Remarks from the Master of Ceremonies
09:05 am, 5 mins
The Making Of Cybersecurity Culture
C-Suite Keynote Presentation
Dr. R. Seetharaman | Group Chief Executive Officer | Doha Bank, Qatar
09:10am, 30 mins
  • Establish a robust governance and risk management process.
  • Safeguard the Bank’s critical information assets (CIA) and comply Data privacy requirements.
  • Strengthen systems and increase surveillance /security monitoring to identify a cyber security event.
  • Enhance measures to limit the impact of and quick recover from cyber security incident.
  • Foster a culture of cyber security that promotes safe and appropriate use of cyberspace across the stake holders.
  • Contribute towards Strengthening financial Sector resilience at national / regional / global level.
Securing your Supply Chain: Lessons to learn from the Sunburst attack
Abdessabour Arous | Security Researcher - Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) | Kaspersky
09:40, 30 mins

The complexity of Supply Chain Security makes it challenging for cybersecurity teams to deal with these threats and attacks. In this session we’ll discuss the “Assume Breach” principle and encourage Cyber Security Professionals to shift their mindset to focus more on what actually works.

  • Supply Chain Attacks are becoming standard against highly secure organizations
  • Securing the Supply Chain is a very complex problem
  • Companies need practical ways to mitigate threats against their Supply Chain
Recap for Day 2 from the Master of Ceremonies
09:00 am
Why a Zero Trust Mindset is driving an Identity centric security strategy
09:05am, 30 mins

As Organisations continue to adopt and embrace new technology platforms, it also brings with it the requirement to reassess how these new environments are secured.

  • The Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used in recent breaches and highlight the commonality across them, identity compromise and privilege elevation.
  • This analysis will highlight the importance of taking an assume breach mindset to defence and that Identity becomes central to this strategy.
  • Further, we will then position recommendations on how to protect against Credential Theft, Lateral Movement and Privileged Escalation across hybrid and cloud environments
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